"I absolutely loved the course and think that it should be mandatory for all pregnant women!" - Sophie

This course will enable you and your partner to go into birth with a positive mindset and the confidence that you have all the tools you need. The techniques will support you during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Hypnobirthing is becoming more and more popular as an effective birthing method that teaches you and your partner techniques that promote a calm relaxed birth. Many women find it a very effective pain management tool.

Clinical research shows that hypnosis in childbirth results in shorter labour, reduced pain and less surgical intervention.

What the course covers

How Hypnobirthing works.

The physiological process of labour and birth and how best to support this.

Techniques to overcome fear and increase confidence in your ability to give birth.

Deep relaxation and hypnosis so that the mind and body work together.

Breathing techniques to help you keep calm and focused throughout.

Movements and positions to help ease labour and birth.

Massage techniques to support you in labour.

Effective ways to prepare your body during pregnancy.

Empowering the birth partner though learning and practising the many ways they can support you in throughout labour.

How hypnobirthing can enable a positive birth experience regardless of how your baby is born.

And much more ...

What's included in the cost?

Hypnobirthing pack which includes detailed information from the course.

Four MP3 hypnosis tracks to listen to in pregnancy.

A further MP3 track to support you during the actual labour.

Positive affirmation cards.

Partner prompt card.

Optional 4th session with mother (via Zoom), close to due date to build confidence.

Ongoing Email/phone support up until you give birth. If you have any last minute questions or want a reminder of techniques.

Course Format

3 one to one sessions live on Zoom for mother and her birth partner. Each session will run for 2 to 2.5 hours dependent on the needs of the couple.

Course Dates

One to One courses: Available daytime, evenings or weekends.
Cost: £150.

Email Sarah@babyyogis.co.uk or call 07840 707435. Pre-booking is essential.