Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is based on the principles of yoga and baby massage, and is a mutually beneficial, gentle and fun activity to enjoy with your baby.

Baby yoga enhances strength and flexibility supporting your baby's individual development both physically and neurologically. It stimulates the digestive system helping with common problems such as colic and constipation.

What the classes cover

The class commences with some dry massage.

The session then moves on to include moves such as hip sequences, balances, lifts, swings and holds. Songs and nursery rhythms are included throughout the session to help the babies to relax and have fun.

Some postnatal yoga for mothers is also included, allowing you to gain alignment and strength after giving birth.

These classes are relaxed and flexible and you will feel free to attend to your baby's needs as required.

Sessions provide the opportunity for mother and baby to enjoy playful action that stimulates all of your baby's senses whilst enhancing bonding.

How do I book classes?

Email or call 07840 707435.

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"Baby Yoga is great! We both really enjoy it and have a lovely time. Ellie always seems very happy during the class and definately sleeps much better afterwards."
- Vicky and Ellie (aged 4 months)

"Absolutely the best course to do for early baby development. We soon found ourselves using the yoga techniques and songs at home, much to the amusement of my son. We loved it and made some great friends along the way! It brightened up my Mondays no end."
- Pip and Monty (aged 5 months)

"The course has been great and we will enjoy practising the moves at home. We've made some lovely new friends. Thank you Sarah."
- Alexis and Reuben (aged 6 months)

Baby Yoga has been developed by yoga instructor Dr. Francoise Babira Freedman - medical anthropologist, founder of Birthlight and mother of four. It is approved by paediatricians, doctors and midwives.